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Frequently Asked Questions


With such a wide variety of products and services, there are bound to be questions left unanswered in the galleries product descriptions. Here's some you asked earlier!


Can you do "this" vehicle for me?


I can, within reason, illustrate pretty much any vehicle in the AutoRenders 'Cel Rendered' style. You can either opt for a '1st edition' print which gets you the vehicle and specifications you desire given the standard AutoRenders treatment. This then releases the vehicle for purchase in the many Photo Gifts available, as well as the other 49 of 50 'Limited to 50" 12x8 prints.

The alternative is a full commission based custom order, where you are the director of your creation!


Where can I place my order?

You can either order here on by clicking Shop on Etsy above. There's all sorts to see in the shop so if you are looking for one product in particular, use the search functions.

You can also click on the Products page to view previews of products to come. 

For custom orders, click the Contact page and send me a message with your request, or use the "request a custom order" function on Etsy.


How much is postage and can you post to my country?


Postage on all standard and special edition AutoRenders products is listed with the items! The postage on custom orders will vary. (For instance if you request a A2 canvas, it will cost a little more than a custom keyring!)

As for posting to your country, Yes! The shipping profiles should be up to date and accurate for your country when in the AutoRenders Shop. AutoRenders is based in the UK, but items have already been successfully posted to Greece, America, Sweden, Australia and more.


How long will my order take to get here?


Most orders will, from the day of ordering, get to their destination within 10 working days.

Standard and Special Edition products can take up to 3 working days to complete, with custom orders and first editions taking longer (depending on the complexion of your order).

Some photo gift products can take longer to print and prepare than others, but every effort will be made to dispatch your purchase as soon as possible.

All postage is made first class, but shipping times may vary.


Do you work with or are you endorsed by any automotive manufacturers?

The short answer; No.

AutoRenders is purely a tribute to some of the greatest automotive machines and manufacturers the world over, created by a budding freelance designer who wanted to give the world something unique, something a little bit special, something that is more than just a picture of a car...

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