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AutoRenders Gallery.

AutoRenders offer a wide and comprehensive array of vehicles, a list frequently updated and ever increasing.

Please take the time to view the galleries below. Custom orders and vehicle requests are welcomed!



20th Century Supercars.

This gallery hosts a selection of the finest and most revered supercars from the sixties through to the nineties including first of the breed, the Lamborghini Miura, right up to the ultimate supercar of the 20th century, the multiple world record breaking Mclaren F1.

American Muscle.

The Americans are the kings of capacity, the connoisseurs of the cubic inch; and the aptly dubbed muscle car epitomises this love of ultimate straight line performance and straight forward engineering. What these cars lack in grace and finesse, they more than make up for in character and charm.

British Classics

50 years ago, Britain was home to over 200 independent car manufacturers and was the king of the small sports car, among many other wonderful and creative designs and concepts. Within this gallery you will find some of the greatest cars in the world, cars that really did make Britain truly great.

Concept Cars

From the sublime to the utterly ridiculous, automotive manufacturers from around the world have come up with some truly fascinating machinary over the years. Some of them eventually became productionised, others became popular toys, while others faded into the pages of history.

Euro Classics

The gallery most likely to expand into multiple countries' creations, Euro Classics brings you vehicles from companies in mainland Europe, who have given the automotive world some wonderful vehicles with the typical characteristics of French flare, Italian heart and soul and solid German engineering.

Hot Hatchbacks

The hot hatchback floodgates opened with

the introduction of the VW Golf GTi (even

though the British came up with the Mini

Cooper first, even if it wasn't a hatchback!) With the slow demise of the British sports car, drivers found a new love in their practical but powerful pocket rockets.


With the fastest of the breed getting faster

still, the 21st century has brought a new era

of high performance automobiles, each one festooned in improbable numbers, outragous designs and amazing technological marvels.

The answer to the question 'where do we go next?' Easy. Hypercars.

Japanese Classics

The land of the rising sun has brought us many technical innovations, especially in the automotive world. Even though some argue the styling of some vehicles was inspired by European and American designs, there is no arguing that some designs were just downright gorgeous.

Movie Stars

Every car has a personality of its own and arguably no other cars have more personality than those from the big screen. Some cars shot to celebrity stardom more than the actors who drove them and some manufacturers may be unknown if it wasn't for the films they were in! (I'm looking at you Aston Martin...)

Racing Legends

From the tight streets of Monaco to the huge back straight of LeMans, many cars and drivers have battled against all odds to conquer unpredictable track conditions and risen to lengendary status doing so. Rally cars like Paddy Hopkirks Mini and endurance racers like the GT40 are present here.

Super Coupes

This gallery is host to some real cult and future classics. Cars that were the pinacle of their decades technology off the race circuit that have now succumbed to the inevitable depreciation. Cars like Jaguar's XJS and Porsche's 928 are the last of a special breed: the true, mechanical, usable drivers car.

Super Saloons

Combining passenger space and comfort with true sports car like performance and handling is something that, until recently, has been a niche market. The introduction of the BMW M5 was well received by a mass audience of petrol/gear heads who no longer needed a second car in which to seek their thrills.

Vintage Icons

Some of the most beautiful and inspiring vehicle designs come from the 1950's and before the second world war. Jaguar cut their teeth in the car industry with the XK120. Twenty years before that, Cord and Bugatti could sell you the most innovative and luxurious cars the world has ever seen.

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