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Take a look at the wide array of products available from AutoRenders.
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Signed Premium Poster prints.

Sizes 12x8 up to 45x30 - from £19.95

Premium Poster Prints are the signature product of AutoRenders by JDSC. Signed, numbered, dated and available to personalise to your hearts content, each illustration is entirely unique.


The vehicles already available can be viewed in the AutoRenders Gallery and come with many personalisation options like the colour, background, number plate, wheels & more, starting at £19.95.

Wanting something more personalised? Request a custom order!

Custom requests are encouraged, as this ensures you get exactly the product you desire. You can request just about any vehicle by sending in an image or a link to the vehicle you want illustrationg in the AutoRenders style. There are very few limitations, it doesn't even have to be a car! 

To order one of the vehicles marked 'coming soon' or request one of your own, click the "Contact" tab in the website header.

Custom Orders by AutoRenders.

Customise to your hearts content - £P.O.A

Signed Premium Canvasses.

Sizes 12x8 to 36x24 - From just £44.95

AutoRenders print on high quality and show every detail just as well as every other product.

They are available in 4 standard 2:3 sizes and 3 edge colours: Black, White and Mirrored, a unique wrap around effect where the background continues around the sides of the canvas.

Likewise with the poster prints, each is signed in the bottom right corner.

Colouring Books Coming Soon!
Coasters & Placemats coming soon!
Personalised Mugs

Three Picture Mugs.

Three Personalised images on each - from £11.95

Personalised Photo Gifts are one of AutoRenders specialities.


These 10z mugs are unique to most personalised gifts. The difference here being you get your favourite car illustrated, plus your own personalised licence/registration plate AND either the logo of your chosen car or the AutoRenders logo. That's three images on one item! 


The mugs come in their own unmarked box so are perfect as a gift for all!

Wear your favourite car with pride! These unique designed unisex T-Shirts are available in one of 66 Colours allowing a near match to your favourite or own car! 

What makes them unique is the T-Shirt colour reflects the car colour - aka red t-shirt = red car etc. The advantages of this is that the printing process is quicker and simpler, the print itself is much longer lasting, and you get to wear great quality t-shirts in almost any colour you want!

Colour Match T-Shirts.

Available in 66 colours and 6 sizes - from £19.95

AutoRenders Key Rings

Bottle Opener & Double Sided Key Rings.

DSKeyring Free with orders over £50 - from £4.95

There are two KeyRings available from AutoRenders.


First are the clear plastic Double Sided KeyRings perfect for your car keys. They have your chosen vehicle on one side and the registration plate close up on the other.

The second is the Brushed Alloy Metal Bottle Opener, complete with personalised image and its own display box making it perfect as a gift!

Complete your office desk or kit out your kids with a great personalised pencil case.

The A3 Desk mat is perfect as a mousemat and workspace combined. Black vinyl back and slick satin finish on the front which is suitable for both old ball type and infra red mice.

Stuck for space? The A4 Mouse Mat is half the size and has all the same qualities and personal touches available.

Pencil case details coming soon!

Notebook, Mouse Mat & Pencil Cases.

Great for school or the office or study - from £9.95

AutoRenders Office Set
Shipping times & fees
Custom Orders
The Future of AutoRenders

All standard and special edition items are posted First Class, all around the world. Some take a little longer to create, print and package than others, but all should arrive to you within 10 working days of ordering.

Custom orders will vary, as will shipping to countries outside of the United Kingdom, but every effort will be made to ensure your order arrives as quickly as possible.

If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, simply contact AutoRenders and make a request. Perhaps you require a particular make or model of vehicle, or an gift for a special occasion, or maybe you just want your favourite vehicle printing as big as possible! Of course, the products in which you can print your favourite vehicles on are only limited by your imagination!

Click the "Contact" tab in the website header to make your request.

AutoRenders started out with just 10 illustrations exclusively of Classic Cars (read the "About" page for more). With the coming together of multiple projects within JDSC involving many talented individuals, I hope to bring these talents into the world of AutoRenders to offer some truly inspiring and unique work.

Until then, the portfolio of vehicles available to personalise and purchase will forever increase and with it, hopefully demand will too!

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